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All workers should feel comfortable and safe in their work environment. If you do not feel safe and comfortable in your work environment, your rights may be violation.

Unfortunately, men and women both continue to be subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace in record numbers. Sexual harassment can be particularly offensive and easily result in making a workplace unsafe and hostile. 

While it may be confusing to understand what may or may not actually be considered sexual harassment, any employee who may feel that they are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace may have right to compensation through legal action to get the justice deserved. 

At TK Floyd Law, we believe that anyone in Texas who has suffered as a victim of sexual harassment deserves to hold those responsible for their actions. With the right legal representation on your side, you will have the best opportunity to get the justice and compensation you deserve. 

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Sexual Harassment Basics

Sexual harassment and unwanted sexual attention in the workplace can take many forms. If you have been the subject of unwanted sexual advances from a manager, supervisor, or another coworker, you are not alone and you may have rights to bring those responsible to justice.
Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcome sexual advances. These advances may include specific requests for sexual favors, other sexually suggestive verbal interaction, along with physical conduct or contact of a sexual nature. These actions will be evaluated to determine whether they create a hostile or offensive work environment. If you are confronted with conduct that you think might be sexual harassment, itʼs a good idea to speak with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect you from further harm and preserve your rights. 
Our firm offers a free consultation so that we can identify the best course of action to stop the sexual harassment you face in the workplace.

Sexual harassment can cause adverse effects to any victim, regardless of gender. There are many ways an employer or manager may be sexually harassing you. For example, a superior can prevent you from getting the promotions or raises that you have earned in retaliation for not succumbing to their advances. They may also make promotions or raises specifically dependent on how to respond to these advances.



To be clear, there are a wide variety of actions that are considered sexual harassment. However, there are also behaviors that may not be considered sexual harassment in Dallas, including:

  • Teasing
  • Offhand comments
  • Isolated incidents

Because of the laws and the way they are written, you may not be sure that sexual harassment is actually happening to you without speaking to an attorney to explore the details of your situation. It’s important to remember that sexual harassment can happen to a woman or a man even though women are generally the most common victims. 

The person sexually harassing you may also NOT be of the opposite sex. A woman can harass another woman, or a man may harass another man. You may also have a harasser who is a supervisor, or an independent contractor, a co-worker, or even someone who is not an employee of your company.

You also do not have to be the one that is directly targeted by sexual harassment and you may still be affected. As a witness or bystander to sexual harassment, you also have rights and a sexual harassment lawyer can help you fight this illegal conduct.

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